Give Me Love: Ed Sheeran

Chapter 1: Fatalism: the believe that whatever happens is predestined.

After our breakup, I don’t feel the same. 
I could still feel you here. 
Maybe its the memories that haunts me. 
At first I thought about your eyes, your smile and your voice. 
i felt the tears in my eyes surface down my cheeks. 
I started to wonder why does this always happen with me. 
All the ones that i end up loving…
ends up not loving me anymore.
It feel apart so sudden, 
Our relationship broke so quickly,
by the time it all crumbled in my hands, 
it was to late to pick it back up.

The truth is, i don’t know what love is. 
I thought i held you in my hands so gently 
but i didn’t know i was really hurting you, 
i guess i held you so tight that
i was suffocating you.

All this time i thought i knew what i wanted
but i learned I’m a selfish person.

Some where along the way, 
I changed. for the best or for the worst, 
You made me feel loved and confused. 
I didn’t know who i was . 
You truly brought the worst out of me. 
I guess i wanted to be with someone who accepted me for who i am. 
You did at first, 
but then when i showed you who i was a year after.
You turned away the moment i was vulnerable and when i need you the most. 
I was so scared that you would leave me
but now that you did leave me. 
Im not afraid of you leaving. 
Im afraid to put my walls down for the next person.

Wha goes up, must come down

When happiness comes all at once and your happiness is the steepest of the steepest. When everything is going so great and nothing can ruin the moment but little did you know, when you least expect it. It comes hitting you. It all comes falling apart. It felt like someone throw a atomic bomb at my heart and shattered all the happiness i had. The one person that you once found, isn’t there anymore and when something is lost, its gone forever.