Sometimes i just want to buy a plane ticket to South Carolina and come see you.

Today i went to the humane society and i fell in love with a dog name Royal.

I woke up this morning and i really didn’t feel like getting up. I wanted to go back home. But we went to the humane society and Royal made my day . He reminded me so much of Coco, the last dog i had. It woke me up. I really really really wanted to get him. I left the humane society heart broken . 

Then went to the Music Festival, it was really packed. I was blazed to the max. When we was listening to Anuhea, i like saw this guy that looks exactly like Bryson. Like what the fuck. and i started tearing in the middle of the damn concert and all the memories just came rushing in my head and i just took a deep breathe and i exhaled and i was okay.

i had a good night. :p He fell asleep on me. that loser.